(‘Teacher of the Masses’)

Symbol: a tilted abacus

Info: It is said that the demigoddess Zanne gets her divine blood from Ciro the Arcane, who is believed to be her grandfather. (Who or where Zanne’s mother is remains a topic of debate for religious scholars.) Whereas the god of magic is a patron to all those who wish to gather arcane knowledge, Zanne is a patroness to those who seek practical knowledge and information.

Numbers play an important part in any religious texts devoted to Zanne’s worship. To that end, many clerks, tax collectors, and bankers swear by her teachings, though just as many scientists and scholars revere the Teacher of the Masses and her never ending search for knowledge. Her followers have only recently made their presence felt across Hyspero as technological advances throughout the realms such as the printing press, firearms, and the dwarven steam engine have come to fruition.

Specialist priests: Seeker
A combination of holy practitioner, mathematician, and eternal knowledge gatherer, the Seekers are often mild-mannered and easy to miss in a crowd, preferring to spent most of their time in libraries or laboratories. While some Seekers would stay in their temples and universities ensconced in their books, an adventuring Seeker’s aim would be to take their knowledge with them on the road and bring better understanding of how the universe works to the masses.

Stats for specialist priests:

REQUIREMENTS: Intelligence 15, Wisdom 14
PRIME REQUISITES: Intelligence, Wisdom
WEAPONS: As cleric
ARMOR: To banded; no shield
MAJOR SPHERES: All, divination, numbers, protection, thought, time
MINOR SPHERES: Astral, charm, guardian, healing, law, summoning

1st level abilities – The Seeker begins with a +3 bonus against the harmful effects of books, scrolls, runes, and other magical writing.
2nd level abilities – The Seeker earns an additional +1 bonus to all of their knowledge based non-weapon proficiency checks.
3rd level abilities – The Seeker gains the ability to cast Thought and Number sphere spells as if they were +3 levels for duration and all other effects.
5th level abilities – The Seeker gains the ability to cast Divination sphere spells as if they were +3 levels for duration and all other effects.

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