The Story So Far

Farewell to the Tyrant

The Great Tyrant’s undead army lay in ruin, defeated by a motley band of refugees from all corners of Volkstadt and a contingent of reluctant dark elf allies from Khazid-Hirn. The cracked and broken bones of skeletal invaders would sully the countryside for years to come, a grim reminder of the violence that plagued the land for so long.

As for the Tyrant himself, his defeat would be attributed to an assault led on his unholy citidel by adventurers known as the Company of the Tattered Cloak. Only a pile of sundered stones remained where the Tyrant’s tower once stood. Theories abound as to what caused the explosion, but one thing was universally agreed upon: the Company of the Tattered Cloak sacrificed themselves to ensure victory and the freedom of the realm that day.

The dark elves were quick to seize their reward for helping the humans: a parcel of surface land once ruled over by their hated high elf cousins. This new sovereign nation would be dubbed Everhafin, though in order to appease her subjects who were still distrustful of humans, Matron-Queen Rualoth made it known that her alliance with Volkstadt was at an end.

Without a recognized noble bloodline to lead them any longer, the people of Volkstadt sought new leadership from the general of the refugee army, but the beloved General Schoenfeld had disappeared in the night alongside his long-lost daughter…

Had he stayed, the general would not have ruled long, for agents from the Grand Duchy of Verena discovered that a nephew of Duke Visconti had been murdered in Volkstadt while under General Schoenfeld’s protection. This was the excuse the Duke had been seeking for years. His response was swift and merciless: full-scale invasion. The crippled nation of Volkstadt had neither the resources nor the manpower to defend itself after the brutal campaign against the Tyrant’s army. They would find themselves conquered – their lands completely absorbed by Verena – inside of a year.

A Chill in the Air

Six Years Later…

  • Tensions rise between the ever-expanding Grand Duchy of Verena and the defense-minded Barony of Elderon.
  • The elves of Sylvanesti talk of waging war against the dark elves of Everhafin to emancipate their enslaved brethren.
  • The dwarven kingdom of Khet-Myram, under the leadership of its newest steward – King Vorgen – faces its greatest recession in over 400 years.
  • The clergies of various deities begin openly quarreling with one another. Holy wars seem a distinct possibility.

Yet these looming perils pale in comparison to the new evil from the north. An evil unconcerned with politics, race, or religion. An evil who threatens to consume all of Hyspero with her icy tendrils…

And in southern Verena, in the humble village of Brackenbeck, the newest would-be champions of the realm begin a journey that will take them farther than they ever imagined.

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The Story So Far

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