Greater Deities of Hyspero:

  • Aegecia (god of plague, poison and disease)
  • Annigan (goddess of the moon and stars)
  • Ciro the Arcane (god of magic)
  • Dagonor (the dread lord of space and time)
  • Delora (goddess of sun and fire)
  • Dirthspar (drow god of dark wisdom, trickery, darkness and destruction)
  • Flayne (dwarven god of protection, craftsmanship and labor)
  • Gaeluath (elven goddess of spring, youth, innocence and flowers)
  • Golgoroth (god of gluttony, greed, sloth and physical pleasure)
  • Haggar (god of law, justice and the truth)
  • Jhannis (goddess of healing, purity and regeneration)
  • Kosgrim (god of death, darkness and cold)
  • Mara (mother earth goddess)
  • Nhezin (half-orc goddess of visions, omens, medicine and fertility)
  • Otilio (god of love and beauty)
  • Rosalba (goddess of art, music, poetry and literature)
  • Sierra (goddess of war and physical strength)
  • Sunniva (dwarven goddess of battle, rage and glory)
  • Turros (god of roguery, revelry, shadows and luck)
  • Valdis (god of assassinations and murder)
  • Zargos (god of thunder, lightning, storms and the sea)

Demigods and Intermediate Deities of Hyspero:

  • Bara (duergar goddess of steel, slavery and oppression)
  • Eregul (god of wildlife)
  • Lucretia (mistress of orc and goblinkind)
  • Meelkor (god of piety and hope)
  • Zanne (demigoddess of numbers, science, and technology)

Demon Lords:



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