The current year is 4442.

Although many calendars exist among the peoples of Hyspero, the one in widest use is the Ortellium System. In the Ortellium calendar, the name of the month is always given first, followed by the day of the month, with the year coming last. (e.g. Highsun 29, 4408.) A year consists of 360 days, divided into 6 months of 60 days each. A day consists of 24 hours, which is roughly how long it takes for Hyspero to spin on its axis.

Days of the Week:

Months of the Year:
Eismond (January-February)
Winterwane (March-April)
Sturm (May-June)
Highsun (July-August)
Blackmoon (September-October)
Coldfall (November-December)


An exact list of holidays spanning nations and religions would be too expansive to list here, but a few of the more well known or notorious holidays include the following…

1st – New Year’s – typically a day of quiet reflection and religious services
44th – Evoking Day – a holy day to followers of Ciro, who celebrate with fireworks and mock magical duels

9th – Merrymead – a day to celebrate the coming of spring
31st – Jestercap – a day of pranks and practical jokes favored by gnomes and ‘excentrique’ gleemen the world-over
60th – Sturm’s Coming – a holy day for followers of Zargos, who welcome the coming storms of the spring season

2nd – Taxfeast – a day that sees clerics accompanying the tax collectors on their rounds, followed by public feasts
16th – Archerfeast – a day of archery competitions, livestock trading, and courtship between eligible women and men

2nd week – Lightbringer’s Festival – a holy week for followers of Jhannis, who celebrate the life and times of one of their saints, Ariana Lightbringer
21st – Nevernight – a celebration of the year’s longest day with fireworks, revelry, and gift giving.

1st full moon – Bonfire Night – anachronistic holiday occasionally still celebrated by both followers of Annigan and Delora where bonfires are lit under the full moon to pay tribute to both sister goddesses
59th – Goblin Day – a day of crafts, strange items, and games for costumed children

1st week – Winter Week – a time for feasts, courting, and spending time with friends
19th – Day of Silenced Whispers – a day to celebrate the fall of The Great Tyrant; typically only observed in northern Verena
54th – Night of the Plague Lich – a night of celebration for followers of Aegecia, who celebrate the birth of their (un)holy mother, Nabila Brandt, by reveling and spreading STD’s with the unknowing public
60th – Longnight – the final day of the year, typically celebrated by revelers defying the long winter night by staying up all night to greet the dawn

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