Capital: None
Current ruler: Many local rulers

A once-powerful empire comprising much of the continent and a number of vassal states, Kubal fell into great decline around the year 990 when the land was ravaged with the first of many plagues which cumulatively killed more than three quarters of the population, including the Czar, who was young and unmarried and thus without an heir. The warlords of Kubal could not agree on a new leader and attempted diplomatic talks quickly turned hostile. The inevitable civil wars that broke out in the aftermath for control of Kubal – in conjunction with rebellions from the vassal states – lasted for over twenty years. This dark era in Kubal’s history is known as the Plaguestrife.

The plagues in Kubal were attributed to the warlord Sartan, said to be the first paladin of Aegecia. Sartan helped foster a golden age for the Plaguegivers, who allegedly had numbers in the thousands for a brief period of time. Though the order of Aegecia eventually failed in creating their ‘world without sin’ and Sartan was forced to flee to the west, the handiwork of the Plaguegivers remains in Kubal to this day, as many lingering illnesses can be contracted in the wilds. This keeps the population of Kubal sparse and low-density.

Today the frigid, rough lands of Kubal have no recognized form of central government, with each region now governed by its own leader. The prince of Khorosun, the only true city left standing in Kubal, has his own fantasy of reuniting the land and ushering in a new great Kubali empire, but he lacks enough loyal troops to even begin such an audacious plan. The biggest stumbling block to reuniting Kubal would be the city-state of Padulla to the north, a settlement founded during the dark age by the leaders of several nomadic tribes who had felt the effects of the Plaguestrife and wanted no more fighting. The northern barbarians are insular people and want nothing to do with a reunited Kubal, as they feel the bloated Kubali Empire was indirectly responsible for all the suffering and strife that ravaged the land in the first place.

List of settlements:
Meng’s Puddle

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