The Volkstadt Peninsula – the nations of the Grand Duchy of Verena, the Barony of Elderon, the dark elf nation of Everhafin, the dwarven nation of Khet-Myram, the wood elf lands of Sylvanesti, and the underdark region known as The Stygian Warrens.

The Southlands – the nations of Corriselle, Nthanda, Beslan, Enitan, the Keezekoni Nation, the city-state of Freeport, and Barboza – Pirate Stronghold.

The Spine of the World – the nations of the Republic of Navarra (and the Province of Guadalante), the Duchy of Trocero, Kubal, the city-state of Padulla, and the underdark region known as The Twilight Rift.

The Ivory Wastes – the nation of Norissen and the dwarven nation of Cor-Ashan.

The Lands of Viridian – the nations of the Confederated Kingdom of Renardy (Rhodondia, Averna, Touraine, Lividia, and the Barclay Islands) and the Elven Kingdom of Celtica.

The Glowing Desert – the nations of Iranistan, Ortellium, Parazuela, the city-state of Burramesh, the free city Spellfall, and the underdark region known as The Shrieking Abyss.

The Dark Continent – the nation of Maukostan and the unexplored jungles of Urgathos.

The Ambrosia Isles – the nations of Nezumi and The Wukong Empire.

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