This snow-white fur pelt of a winter wolf can be worn over the shoulders as a cloak. The pelt grants its wearer a +2 bonus to saves vs. cold damage. The wearer can also, as a standard action, transform into a large winter wolf.

In certain special locations where the White Witches have allowed winter wolves the ability to take human form, the wearer of a Rimepelt can take human form as winter wolves do, appearing as a white-haired, blue-eyed human. In either wolf or human-wolf form, the wearer of the rime pelt smells like a winter wolf to other winter creatures and creatures with scent abilities.

Winter Wolf stats
AC: 5, MV: 18, THAC0: 15, No. of att: 1, Dmg: 2d4, Special attacks: Frost breath, Special defenses: Immune – Cold, Sz: L

The wolf can unleash a stream of frost once every 10 rounds, causing 6d4 points of damage to everything within 10 feet. (Save vs. breath for half). Fire based attacks against them cause an additional point of damage per damage die.



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