Ice Floe Elixir


Ice Floe Elixir: This chilled elixir of pale blue liquid in a small glass vial coated in ice had two functions:

1.) if imbibed, it will grant the drinker 20% cold resistance and immunity to the first 10 points of cold damage suffered beyond that as per an Endure Cold cleric spell. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
2.) if uncorked, the Ice Floe Elixir can be released as a cold, glowing vapor that coalesces around all living creatures within 30 feet. Creatures covered with the cloying vapor no longer benefit from spells such as Blur, Invisibility, or similar vision based effects for as long as they are in the affected area. Thieves or those with a Hide in Shadows ability suffer a -20% penalty to all stealth based checks. The vapor also reveals figments, Mirror Images, or Projected Images in the area for what they really are. This effect lasts for 5 rounds before the vapor dissipates. This effect cannot function in an environment already affected by heavy fog, mist, or cloud-like effects.


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Ice Floe Elixir

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