Against the Ice Queen

Session 4: The White Witch of Norissen


We step through the portal. On the other side, it’s a lot colder. A helluva lot colder. We’re pelted by ice and snow. Off in the distance we see faint lights of a town. We decide to travel in that direction, heading east. Barking dogs can be heard over the howling winds.We approach. Five dogs are attached to a sled and they are not happy. A polar bear has mauled a peasant. The group of peasants have one caravan guard. They need the help, so we offer it and defeat the bear. Karishma does it. Errrrr, I mean, Corrinne mostly.

The caravan guard, a nice woman named Nadya, thanks us for our help and offers to let us set up camp with her and the townsfolk. The next day we will travel to Skorra, her home and the town we saw off in the distance. We have campfire talky time. The region’s White Witch ruler is named Nazina Blahblahkov. She is not a very nice person. Nadya hopes to get on Nazina’s good side by carrying supplies from Grundarfor to Skorra so Nazina’s servants can do other nefarious things.

As we’re talking a female figure approaches the camp. She has goat legs, long pale hair, a pretty cloak and silky dress, and looks completely unaffected by the cold. Her name is Mierul Ardelane, a bard. We ask her to tell stories about the Pale Tower and the White Witches. Nadya is giving us the death stare because we shouldn’t be talking about such things with total strangers. The White Witch has eyes and ears everywhere. Mierul doesn’t stay with us for very long, though she is curious about why we’re there, why we’re outlanders, and why we want to know about the Pale Tower. When the snow lets up a bit, she is gone.

The next day we break down the camp and get ready to travel to Skorra. We hear birds calling, lots of them. Nadya screams for us to hide in the caravan. We do, and the birds — ravens, Nazina’s spies — fly overhead and travel back to the Pale Tower.

We have a random encounter with some angry fir trees. Constancia has a wild surge. For one day she has boils on her face and loses one point of CHA.

As we’re getting adjusted to Skorra, we have a look around and do some shopping. We go to the White Weasel, a tavern. Corrinne eats soup. Constancia needs her gambling fix and she goads Ettore into playing checkers with her. It’s also Rosaline’s birthday, so she has some fancy wine to celebrate. Constancia even has a boxing match with one of the townspeople. Corrinne eats more soup. There’s a big fancy mirror on the wall of the tavern that looks quite out of place. The bar keep, Emil, and his wife, Katia, try to kill us.

But we sensibly leave before we can do anything stupid. We head back to Nadya’s home. A little while later, guards from the Pale Tower arrive and try to interrogate Nadya. They threaten to take her children, and as she’s getting ready to go with the guards, we bust out of our hiding places and fight. Corrinne manages to color spray one of the guards, and we interrogate him for more information after the fight is over.

Rosaline, taking her role as a Black Rider very seriously, straight up murders an unarmed Pale Tower guard because he’s the enemy. NO QUARTER! This will have some serious ramifications for her because Delora may not approve of murder most foul. The guard, before he met his end, told us that Sgt. Volan is waiting for us at the White Weasel. So we return.

There’s Sgt. Volan with more guards. And Emil and Katia are there, glaring at us. Emil has a crossbow. We fight. Emil fires his crossbow a couple times and misses. He retrieves the bolt. On his third shot, he shoots Nadya in the back of her feckin’ head and instakillz her. He falls to the floor sobbing for a little while, but when we kill Katia, he becomes hostile and so we kill him, too. No quarter.

Looty McLooterton:

20gp 37sp
10 x cold iron longswords
10 x daggers
10 x light crossbows
200 x bolts
2 x cleric scrolls of command
1 x cleric scroll of CLW
4 x chainmail armor (not sure on the number here)
3 x potions of healing
1 x ice floe elixir
fancy hand mirror
1 x potion extra healing
Nadya’s magic snowshoes



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