Against the Ice Queen

Session 5: The Pale Tower

Well, it's been weeks and OP still hasn't cleaned this shit up.

We find our adventurers at a roadblock of sorts. Someone has to tell Nadya’s young boys, Orm and Mjoili, that their mother has been killed. We unanimously volunteer Ettore to do it. He speaks to the boys’ godmother. She says if we are going to the Pale Tower to fight the White Witch Nazina that if we return, we are to take the boys to their uncle who lives in a town near Bludfrost.

Before we leave Skorra we pick up a priest named Rolf, who is a Heartwarden of Otilio. He teaches us how to use sled dogs, and we make our way to the Pale Tower. The Pale Tower is made of ice and stuff, big honking icicles everywhere, beds made out of solid ice blocks. It’s a chill place.

We fight some guards in order to get in, mostly Rosaline failing a DEX check and slamming into a wall of ice and making a hole that the others who also failed their DEX checks can get through. Ouch. We enter a fancy icy courtyard with an ice dragon statue in the center. It doesn’t come alive, for which we are grateful. There is an ice troll lurking around and we battle it. During the fight, Constancia has a wild surge: the caster permanently gains one point of STR if they can make the DM laugh in 30 seconds. Unfortunately no one can make the DM laugh but like Terry Wogan and ridiculous WWE montages or something, so Connie’s strength remains unchanged.

Mirrors hang in every room of the Pale Tower. We discovered that Sgt. Volan had his own special mirror called an Attentive Mirror which allows the carrier to send a message back to the mirror’s owner. In order to make it work properly, the owner has to stare into the mirror for an hour, which then activates the mirror for others to use. Connie gets the bright idea to stare into one of the big mirrors for an hour, and we’re bumrushed by guards who get the message.

Somehow we find out that Nazina is not in the tower at the mo…how convenient for her to be gone when the Teenage Attitude Squad comes a-knockin’. Her apprentice, named Radosek, is in charge until Nazina returns. Oh yeah, Vasili the guard tells us that Nazina is gone. We sort of make nice with Vasili, and then when we reach the second floor of the tower he sort of runs away for his life at the first opportunity. An enemy is an enemy.

On the second floor we encounter that bitch Mierul again, along with two atomies. We fight them, the atomies flying around and making it generally difficult for us to slay them. During the fight Guard Captain Hestrig, a big amazon type woman, comes out and joins the fun.

We loot. We continue.

We encounter a spriggan in the kitchen. Corrinne is all about eating some delicious smelling stew. The spriggan doesn’t like Corrinne begging for food, so it stabs her in the knee. We fight the spriggan. Corrinne eats some more. Rosaline eats some particularly heinous cookies and has to run back to the first floor and use the privies. Fart noises are role-played. Giggling ensues.

Then we come across a library. On the table are open books about a white dragon, fey creatures, the royal families of Elderon, and a history of Elderon. Rosaline is intrigued by this because that’s where her #1 Crush!!! Lord Douglas Auberon is from. We take the books and press on.

In a locked room we hear a man’s voice coming from inside. We bust the door down and sitting tied to a chair is….Lord Douglas Auberon. Rosaline squeals and goes into stupid mode. Lord Douglas is supposed to be marrying Carlotta Visconti, but he says he called off the wedding because she has “hairy palms.” He has no idea what happened after his caravan was ambushed just outside of Brackenbeck. Someone asked him a lot of questions, cut off a lock of his hair, and took some of his blood.

Foul magic is afoot, obvs.


light crossbow
30 bolts
cloak of protection +1 (Corrinne)
opal necklace
Meirul’s spellbook
potion of extra healing
philter of glibness
ice floe elixir
2 handed sword
throwing axe
2 potions of extra healing
scroll of Iceball (equivalent of 3rd level mage Fireball)
256gp 473sp 894cp
jeweled sceptre, 175gp
silver bracers with figures of dragons, 250gp
3 blue quartz, 100gp each
agate, 50gp
two potions of healing
potion of climbing
a potion of “botched alchemy check”



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