Against the Ice Queen

Session 2: Grind-o-Rama

Almost certain death awaits you all.

We find our adventurers heading back to the White Forest. Along the way we have a random encounter (woo!) with some goblins. Then we come across a boar that talks. A big boar. Big. Lots of bacon! He says the woods are magical and he’s been able to speak for a long time. Rosaline notices his words and his mouth aren’t matching up. Off to our left we hear a creepy voice shout, “You’re ruining everything!” and then we get nailed with some crossbow bolts. We fight the creature, an atomie, and her pet boar. The atomie disappears, but all four of us take whacks at the large boar until we wear it down. Then we cook it; the meat is underwhelming.

We have another random encounter (woo!) with two ice spiders. We easily dispatch them, and continue through the forest. We come upon three men wearing padded armor with shortbows and shortswords. They look like the bandits we’ve been chasing after. We take them by surprise, killing two, and then interrogating the third, who cries and sniffles and says he just wants to go home. His name is Barnaby. He tells us about Rokar using dark magic to fight dark magic. The bandits were going to the woods to set up a new hideout. They got into a tussle with the rangers who already had the hideout and killed them, taking the lodge for themselves. Then they “intercepted” Lord Douglas to hold him for ransom.

After a few slaps to the face, we persuade Barnaby to take us to the lodge. His story is to tell the other bandits that he captured a bunch of rich kids who were stupidly out in the forest searching for ADVENTURE! Barnaby takes us to Lord Douglas, and Bob’s your uncle, and…well, it would have worked if it wasn’t for that stinkin’ atomie who was hanging out with the bandits. She ruined everything! And we have a bandit fight.

During the battle, a green-skinned bandit wielding a claymore comes out to help us. Constancia can tell there’s some dark magic in the air, and soon we’re fighting frost skeletons and undead zombie bandits. Everyone gets knocked out but Constancia and the bandit helping us. We barely make it. It was a tough battle. Level ones are squishy!

The bandit tells us that she’s tired of working for Rokar who promised to promote her but then dumped her off in the kitchen instead. She says she used to work for Papa in Brionne and wonders what horrible thing we had to do to him to get sent out to do his dirty work by killing Rokar for him. She tells us her name is Ten-Penny Tacey, and she is a half-orc fighter/thief.

We ransack the lodge and find a trap door underneath a bear-skinned rug. Inside the basement room is Lord Douglas, a handsome young nobleman. Rawr. They took good care of him, he says, because damaged goods are worth less. After we find five horses in the stable outside, we return to Brackenbeck with Lord Douglas in tow. The village council pays us 200gp, and they throw a feast in our honor, though the mood is sullen because of all the strange cold weather in the middle of summer.


ladies silver ring 25gp
3 shards of tiger’s eye gem 30gp
gold ingot engraved with royal seal of Elderon 50gp
fine elvish leather riding boots 15gp
silver dagger 25gp
scroll of unseen servant
scroll of magic missile
25pp 150gp 180sp
blue quartz 100gp

money total
25pp 395gp 250sp

Theeeeeeeeeeeen all of the loot was sold in order to buy more stuff and repay the village for shorting them. So now we have no monies.



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