Against the Ice Queen

Session 1: Teenage Adventurers Club

The Lycanmoo will find you.

It’s 8 Highsun 4442.

We find a trio of teenagers in the hot seat with the mafia don of Brionne who is affectionately, fearfully referred to as Papa. The teenagers are cousins: Rosaline du Barrie and brother and sister duo Ettore and Constancia Marino. Rosaline is a cleric of Delora who mistakenly thought her gambling debts would go away once she devoted herself to her goddess. Constancia is a wild mage who took up boxing as a hobby while her real job is obsessing over her and Ettore’s father. Her poor, long suffering fighter brother Ettore came back from a quest to find their father and ended up getting religion, Meelkor’s. Each of these teens had been rejected by their parents, and the pain of losing their families and their wealth was wholly felt by all three.

Because Papa was feeling slightly generous and didn’t want to kneecap children, he allowed the cousins to clear up a small matter for him. In exchange for reducing part of their gambling debts, Papa wants them to stop a bandit leader called Rokar. Rokar is not a nice man and dabbles in a little necromancy on the side. No one will miss the guy. Papa sends along a chaperone, a girl the same age as the cousins named Corrinne Uthadar.

So our adventurers set out to a little town called Brackenbeck in the west where Rokar was last seen.

It’s the middle of summer, and there’s snow in the forest. That’s weird. It’s noted. Upon arrival in Brackenbeck, the town is abuzz about the abduction of Lord Douglas Auberon. One mercenary in Lord Douglas’ retinue survived, and he was taken to the town apothecary for healing. We interrogate the apothecary a halfling female who tells us about the weird weather and Old Man Dansby, a farmer who thought a giant weasel was encroaching on his land. Rosaline tries to convert the halfling to Delora with a tract, and then we interrogate the mercenary.

The mercenary was wrapped in bandages and his nose and fingers were blackened from frostbite. He is from the north and tells us what happened. Lord Douglas was returning from Enkelhofen where the entourage was attacked by bandits. There were only half a dozen bandits, and the fight should have been easy, but then, suddenly, the bandits had allies — fey creatures. Lord Douglas was taken alive, possibly to be held for ransom. The weather had grown colder and more fierce, and the only way the mercenary survived was by fleeing the battle. He was ashamed of himself for doing so. Rosaline gave him a quick healing spell and a tract, and the party went on their way to follow up on the lead with Farmer Danzig.

So we B&E (read: welfare call) Old Man Dansby’s house; he’s not there. We go to the town watering hole, the Silver Stoat, to find out more information about Old Man D. No one has seen him in days. We visit the soothsayer, a woman called Mother Theodora who is absolutely useless, but she thinks the end of the world has something to do with Jhannis because this snowy trouble started around the Lightbringer festival.

On the way out of the soothsayer’s house we meet Ionna Teppen, the leader of the town council. She tells us more about Lord Douglas and says that she would like for us to go after the kidnappers. Lord Douglas is from Elderon. There have been tensions between Verena and Elderon ever since Lord Easton Lashvale snuffed it some years back, which gave Duke Visconti a flimsy excuse to invade Volkstadt and turn it all into Verena. Duke Visconti’s niece, Carlotta, lives in Enkelhofen with part of the Visconti clan. She and Lord Douglas have this thing going on. So Lord D leaves Enkelhofen, travels south to Brackenbeck where he can get his hands on some halfling pipeweed for his father, and then planned to make his way back to Brionne. But he was kidnapped, and that didn’t happen. Ionna Teppen offers us 200 gold to find the kidnappers and bring them to justice.

The next morning our crew heads out to the forest to find the bandits. We fight zombies, an icy dragonkin, sprites who F us up pretty good for only having 3 HP each, ice elementals, and a talking snowman. Constancia also has her first wild surge: her strength becomes 18/00 for one day. Ettore sets off a million traps with his sister’s 10 foot pole. Corrinne loads up on bows and arrows, and Rosaline probably complained about the cold.

We find Old Man Dansby’s body after the fight with the ice elementals, so we take it back to town for burial. Also while in town with her crazy strength, Connie decides to arm wrestle some schmucks. And win.


three courtier outfits worth 90gp
earrings 25gp
pearl inlaid bracelets 90gp
gold necklace 75gp
sapphire pendant 50gp
signet ring 50gp

in trapped chest*:
4 suits of leather armor
3 suits of studded leather
2 small shields
7 long swords
2 spears
1 dagger
3 light crossbows
25 bolts

*(I was under the assumption all we took was one suit of leather armor for Corrinne and left the rest there. That’s what my notes say.)

pair of daggers (need to detect magic)
3 shortbows
36 flight arrows
composite longbow
12 flight arrows
hand axe
14gp 25sp 18cp



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